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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Coming soon...a bit more about the authors.

We're still getting five-star reviews of 'Reading is Magic', which is fabulous news. It's great how, among such a wide variety of story styles and themes, everyone seems to have found at least one story that's their favourite. It's a huge boost to the authors to know that someone, somewhere, is enjoying what they have written. Do keep the feedback coming, as it'll inspire us to write more of the same!

Thought it might be fun to find out a bit more about each of our authors in the collection, so I've given them all a list of identical questions and will begin posting their answers over the next couple of weeks. If you want to find out what Jody-Klaire liked to read as a child or what Calum prefers as a snack, which character Vanessa would most like to be in a book or what Stephen wanted to be when he grew up, then watch this space!

And if there is anything you'd like to ask the authors after reading their biogs on this blog, why not post a question (what it is and who to) and we'll consider asking them something extra.

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  1. Truly very nice post!!..children will definitely love to read this story books..