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Friday, 14 March 2014

Another FRIDAY FREE eBook

NOW #FREE... until Sunday morning!

READING IS MAGIC is a showcase for a range of authors of children's stories.

Lose yourself in a world were colour starts to vanish, a little girl's imagination runs wild, a cloth that considers itself ugly finds beauty, a cloud discovers magic, children thwart the witch, a teacher chats with school children, a mango seller finds and loses her fortune, humanity remembers the importance of birdsong, a mysterious neighbour disappears, and a knight arrives from the past...

All in all, a wonderful collection to read at your leisure whilst enjoying school holidays, waiting for a friend or unwinding after a busy day.

Dip into our world of short stories...


Download, enjoy, pass it on - thank you :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Another donation for Gurnard Primary School

Today, I managed to hand over another cheque to Gurnard Primary School...

Another £49 raised, which brings the total to £116!

Two Gurnard Primary pupils who entered the competition last year talked about the book, the feedback received, and even had time to read one of the stories.

We also got some fantastic feedback yesterday...

REVIEW by Michael Henson

"Why is this the best book of the day? Because it is that good.

The idea behind this book is very simple, have kids write a story about one subject, pick the best and put them in a book. The idea might be simple but there are so many ways for a book like this to fail but this one does not. This is a book for kids, illustrated by kids and written by kids. It is one of those rare books filled with talent that will also help to encourage your child to try their hand at writing. 

I stumbled across this book by happen chance and am totally wowed by how good it is. It is simplistic but it was written by kids and it is for kids, so that works. Grab a copy of this book, read it with your child and then let their imagination run away as they try their hand at being a great author."


It would help us a lot if you would leave a review at the end... thank you.

All the best,

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Get your FREE eBook for children

Last year, I decided to compile ***GURNARD’S BOOK OF DELIGHTS*** after I launched a literary competition to celebrate World Book Day 2013 at Gurnard PrimarySchool

On World Book Day, I presented the school with two signed copies of The Bother in Burmeon by S.P. Moss, and challenged the school children to write a story involving time travel.

Luckily, some did.

The imagination these children showed was fantastic, and the effort taken by the younger ones to illustrate their stories impressive. All children received a certificate, and some The Bother in Burmeon goodies kindly donated by S.P. Moss, who subsequently agreed to judge the Years 4 and 5 entries for an overall winner. I judged the Reception to Year 3 entries. These overall winners in each year group received a £5 Amazon Voucher I donated.

I wrote my first children's story, DETECTIVE GLEN, specifically for this collection and had a lot of fun with it.

Anyway, it's "Read an eBook week" and we are also celebrating World Book Day this week - so it seemed like a great time to run a FREE promotion. So, for the next five days you can get this wonderful collection for nothing! 

Please download it now via amazon to your kindle or kindle device, and if you would be so kind as to leave a review once you are finished I would be really grateful.

=>=>=> Amazon LINK Worldwide

Have a fantastic day.
All the best,