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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Author interview - Jody-Klaire

Today, it's Jody-Klaire who gets to tell us some more about herself.

What was your favourite book when you were a child?
When I  was little I had a lots of books that I loved, the scarier the better.  I particularly loved a poem about a headless horseman!  Mr Men books, Baa the sheep and the Beano and Dandy.  As I got older I read some Goosebumps but I would have to say that Harry Potter is still my favourite series for children.  From the moment I read 'Goblet of fire' I was hooked. (I don't do things in order).

What did you want to be when you grow up?
Well, I wanted to be a lot of things from carpenter to airline pilot but music called to me from an early age along with poetry.  I was composing poetry and songs pretty early on and I wanted to stand on stage in an open air stadium and hear the crowd singing the songs back to me that I had written. Writing seemed like a natural step and I love being able to create worlds and people and play around with them.

Which children’s books have you read recently?
I'm a big kid and so I still like reading children's books. I'm going back through the Mr Men series and I re-discovered a massive favourite of mine called 'Please Mrs Butler'.  For anyone who wants to be transported back to assemblies and the Nit-Nurse it's a must. It is very funny and many of the themes would still make anyone still in school chuckle too.

What’s your favourite snack?
Crisps, Chocolate, cake... sometimes together! Now I'm hungry...

If you could be any character in a book, who or what would you be?
I'm not quite sure I'd want to be in a book.  I know what I put my own characters through!  If you threatened me with Maths, I'd have to say one of my own characters as at least then I could make sure they came out on top!

What do you do when you’re not writing?
Sleep... eat.... dream about writing...

Is there anything that scares you?
Yes, everything scares me... in fact I'm hiding behind the couch typing as we speak...

What story are you working on at the moment?

Well,  with my other hat on, I write thrillers.  I've just finished one novel and the next that I'm playing around with is a very scary encounter on a ship.  I've really enjoyed writing about Chester though and so I've written ten extra stories about his friends and family.  I've illustrated them and so with a little bit of Wispy's help, you may see it very soon!

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