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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Donation to Gurnard Primary School

I am pleased to say that a profit of "£67" has been raised so far on sales of the paperback and ebook


This money has been given to Gurnard Primary School on the Isle of Wight to help buy new books for the school library.

The paperbacks are still being sold by the Gurnard's Newsagents - I'm extremely grateful to Chris & Brian for supporting this cause!

Gurnard's Newsagent - we sell real books!
Newsagents are under a lot of pressure to stay alive these days, especially since supermarkets take a lot of their business away.

I like to think that by stocking the books there, and giving them a small donation per sale, I am also helping a local business.

Thank you for reading and please take a look at this anthology and let me know what you think of the idea...

Best regards,

Vanessa Wester

My daughter with her certificate for entering the literacy competition

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