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Friday, 7 June 2013


I decided to compile GURNARD’S BOOK OF DELIGHTS after I ran a literary competition to celebrate World Book Day 2013 at Gurnard Primary School.  On World Book Day, I presented the school with two signed copies of The Bother in Burmeon by S.P. Moss.  I decided to challenge the school children to write a story involving time travel, and some did.

The imagination these children have shown has been fantastic, and the effort taken by the younger ones to illustrate their stories has been impressive. 
In the end I had to select a handful of pictures to include.
All children received a certificate, and some The Bother in Burmeon goodies kindly donated by S.P. Moss, who subsequently agreed to judge the Years 4 and 5 entries for an overall winner. I judged the Reception to Year 3 entries.  The overall winners from each year group received a £5 Amazon Voucher I donated.

I wrote DETECTIVE GLENDA specifically for this collection, and it is my first completed children's story (I have started many before).

I had mainly written adult and young adult fiction, but after writing this story I got the children's story writing bug and decided to write BREAKFAST DREAMS and THE MERMAID for another collection to raise money for the NSPCC.
I had been publishing collections of adult stories for charity already via www.shortstoriesgroup.blogspot.com and decided to try to compile a collection of children's stories. 
Now, I have to be honest, if it had not been for Katherine Hetzel READING IS MAGIC would not have come about.  You can imagine that I was too busy to find new authors, since I am currently trying to complete my YA Trilogy on top of what I already do, so Katherine managed to get a group of new fantastic authors involved. 
Most of them are active members of THE WORD CLOUD, a place which gave me a lot of help and advice when I first started writing. I even attended the FESTIVAL OF WRITING in York last year.

And so, I am pleased to announce that READING IS MAGIC is now available as an eBook & paperback.

GURNARD'S BOOK OF DELIGHTS is now available via Amazon as an eBook.

Thank you reading and enjoy! :)

Best regards,

Vanessa Wester

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